Troy is a transformational speaker and trainer that engages his audiences to reach beyond their comfort zone and create real, LASTING CHANGE.

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Speaking and Group Training


Troy offers inspiring messages tailored to his audience backed by a proven process to produce life altering outcomes. His tried-and-true concepts and strategies have provided manifestations of success in the personal lives, professional workspaces, teams & organizations connected with his talks and training:

  • increased morale & motivation
  • developing problem solving skills & communication styles
  • building deeper connections within groups or customers
  • creating fulfillment, contentment, and inner peace.
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Customized Group Training

Troy provides tailored group training events and workshops that can transform thinking and behaviors to help organizations reach their objectives.

Drawing on years of experience in the field, his sessions blend facilitation tactics such as discussion, interaction dialogue and coaching with exclusive

With a strategic eye towards optimizing results from start to finish, it's no wonder why so many groups are turning to this experienced professional for all of their needs!


With his personal background of overcoming abuse, domestic violence , trauma & anxiety coupled with his strong professional experience as an entrepreneur & business leader, Troy utilizes his unique insight and passion to help his clients and audience reach their highest potential!

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