Getting out of your own way isn't easy. We Show You How

Our coaching and training programs provide an exclusive, evidence-based approach that will guide you beyond your innermost struggles to achieve a life of peace, and THRIVE beyond your barriers. 

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Everyone has struggles - big and small, but they don’t have to consume you. What often seems like an unbreachable barrier standing between happiness and hopelessness or success and failure is actually an obstacle - something that can be overcome with extra effort or a change in strategy. 

Our online coaching and training programs walk you step by step through a proven process ensuring your time and effort are put towards strategies that are effective, even when others have failed.

Using exclusive tools such as the Cognitive Transformation Model™ and Intellective Emotional Iteration™, our Upstream Path™ approach helps you develop healthy, empowered thinking, responses, relationships and life outcomes.  

Online Coaching

Troy's one-on-one coaching can help uncover the root cause of your struggles and pave the way for real transformation through a step-by-step process to flip your mindset switch, and make the changes necessary to find inner-peace regardless of the events in your life.

If you're ready for transformation but just don't know where to start, Troy's individualized coaching can help remove the fog from your journey and reveal a path to a better you.

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Online Hybrid Programs

The Upstream Turning Point™ is the ultimate solution for gaining clarity and conquering the obstacles that hold you back. Our online hybrid program is designed to provide a combination of meaningful one-on-one coaching, over 45 video training modules, weekly cohort coaching, and a private online support community that provides a rich environment of guidance, learning, support, and tools needed to make positive, lasting changes in your life.

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