Who We Are


Upstream was created out of a passion to address the frustrations of those in search of meaningful change and effective transformation in their personal and professional lives, businesses, organizations and communities. In a river flowing with solutions aimed at addressing the results of the problem, we journey Upstream, to the source of the problem, offering proven solutions to create true transformation.


We are dedicated to providing the most effective, impactful, highest quality life consulting, training, and programing available. We do more than inspire, motivate, and inform. We provide a deep understanding of problem origination and a systematic proven process to create lasting change in lives, relationships, businesses and communities.


We believe, that by providing individuals with the knowledge and tools to reshape their mindsets and empower themselves, we can prevent negative outcomes in current and future generations.


To provide education, training, and consulting to individuals and organizations to overcome and prevent outcomes that negatively impact our society.


Meet Us


Troy White

Founder, Principal Life Consultant and Facilitator
Certified Emotional Intelligence and Empowerment Facilitator

Troy brings over 30 years of business, leadership and personal development experience to you and your organization. He understands the mental and emotional demands of being a business owner, the frustrations of being an employee, the challenges of being a parent, the lessons learned through divorce, and the perseverance it takes to overcome childhood trauma.


These experiences, combined with education and a passion to make a difference, provide Troy with a high level of empathy and the ability to guide you or an entire organization through change and adversity to achieve success.


  • Over 30 years of experience

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence and Empowerment facilitator

  • Instructional design, development and facilitation

  • Life consulting and coaching

  • Recovery programming and facilitation

  • Cognitive Behavioral Training

  • Business owner

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications

  • Worked with a wide range of personal and professional clients regionally and nationally.

  • Experience in working with small to large clients such as GM


What People Say

"This guy saved my life in 2019. If your business and organization wants to transform the lives of your staff and culture, then hire Troy. You won't regret it."


~Dave Scott

President - Scott Digital Marketing