How I went from surviving each day to living a life of peace.

Anxiety, depression, and PTSD once controlled much of my life. I was always worried about the next bad thing that was bound to happen..

I was quick to react.

Never felt happy or fulfilled.

A people pleaser with low self-worth.

And a smile on my face to hide it all.


Troy White

Founder of Upstream

How I went from surviving each day, to living a life of peace.

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Nothing Seemed To Help

Abuse was a "normal" part of growing up for me. Throughout much of my life, I struggled to simply make it through each day but was completely unaware as to why. The pressures of parenting, marriage, and leading a business were compounded with issues like anxiety, depression and PTSD, making the challenges seem insurmountable.

After exhausting all traditional methods such as counseling, therapy, medication and even hypnotherapy - things felt increasingly desperate without any real hope for relief or long-term change in sight. I felt a gnawing sense that something deeper was not being addressed. I knew how I should feel and think and felt frustrated and weak because I wasn't able to just be better.

Forging A New Path

Through a passionate journey of exploration and learning, I developed the Upstream Path™ - an evidence-based approach proven to effect lasting personal change.

My own life has been greatly transformed by this process. I'm no longer bound by anxiety or depression, I've healed from past traumas, possess newfound confidence in myself, and built a life of peace and healthier relationships.

Countless others have empowered themselves on the Upstream Path™. I encourage you to empower yourself with the same possibilities and take your journey Upstream today.


My Clients Often Say...

There is a look I see on each and every one of my client's faces when the switch in their mindset flips. It's a powerful moment for them as they see their entire life differently all at once. It's a moment when they understand the "why" and the "how" and makes so much sense, but at the same time, conflicts with their old way of thinking. 

My clients often ask, "How did I not know this before?" followed by an enthusiastic, "Everyone needs to know this!" 

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