Guiding individuals and
Beyond Their Barriers


You are not alone

Like you, we have many roles in our daily lives such as parent, spouse, employee, business owner, entrepreneur, leader, and survivor to name a few. And like you, we've tried balancing these roles by separating them so one didn't affect the other. It's hard not to let the weight of these responsibilities negatively affect us, isn't it?

At Upstream, we understand where you are and know how to get where you want to be. That's one of the main reasons why Upstream exists; to guide you and entire organizations through our proven process that will reshape the way you think, feel, perceive yourself and others, and interact with the world around you. 

With the right tools, you are capable of achieving success in any of the roles your life requires. We know this because we been through them, just like you. Our best clients understand this and we are confident you will too.

What People Say

"This guy saved my life in 2019. If your business and organization wants to transform the lives of your staff and culture, then hire Troy. You won't regret it."


~Dave Scott

President - Scott Digital Marketing

Professional Life Services


1:1 Professional Life Consulting and Training

Being impactful in your career is part of what brings fulfillment to your life. This one-on-one process gives you a clear understanding of obstacles that stand in the way of your success and the tools to overcome them. 

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Team Training & Workshops

Businesses grow and improve when their employees do. Investing in impactful training that produces long-term growth and increased productivity will yield a great return.

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Reshaping Culture

70% of efforts to improve organizational culture fail and we understand why! Downstream approaches simply address the result of the problem, not the cause. We work with leadership and employees to identify opportunities for growth and deliver proven processes that produce measurable results and journey UPSTREAM to reshape culture where it begins. 

Personal Life Services


1:1 Personal Life Consulting and Training

Life can deal you difficult situations that you are struggling with or you may just find yourself feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, angry or anxious and not understand why. 

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Couples Life Consulting and Training

Work, kids, family, money, friends and behaviors can put a strain on your relationship. Communication can break down leaving unchecked resentment and emotions that erode what was once a positive part of your life.

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Recovery and Empowerment


We will work with your organization to deliver impactful, foundational programming, customized to meet the needs of the clients you serve. Our proprietary, "Upstream" process uses a Cognitive Behavioral Training model that will guide individuals and groups through 40 concepts that will reshape mindsets, create new thinking habits, and transform lives.

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