Take control of your inner chaos and FINALLY have peace in your life - 

regardless of what's happened or what you've tried in the past.

Upstream‚ĄĘ provides transformational coaching and training that¬†will help you overcome the underlying cause of your innermost struggles.¬†

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Overcome the Greatest Barrier In Your Life YOU


Upstream‚ĄĘ provides transformational coaching and training that will help you identify and overcome the underlying cause of your innermost struggles. Now is the time to FINALLY BE FREE from the negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are keeping you stuck.

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The Struggle of Overcoming Your Innermost Struggles

Your path to peace begins with understanding why you are thinking, feeling and behaving the way you are and learning how to permanently change it.

Addressing only the symptoms of the problem or focusing on what your thoughts, emotions and behaviors should be, can lead to feeling frustrated, shame, hopeless and weak each time you struggle.


Common Solutions

Between therapy, self-help books, blogs, and podcasts, there are millions of options to choose from when considering which path to take to overcome your innermost struggles. More often than not, these solutions focus on the symptoms and the "what" rather than providing the "why" and "how."

The idea of needing therapy can bring up negative thoughts like, "what's wrong with me?" or "what if it doesn't work?" Maybe you've tried therapy in the past and felt like it didn't work and you're still struggling.

Self-help is great way to continue to grow once you understand the problem, but is often a path of solitude without support or someone to help apply what you learn to all aspects of your life.

A Better Journey

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The Upstream Path‚ĄĘ is a powerful approach that delivers¬†a completely new shift in your understanding of¬†yourself, your experiences, and the world around you.¬†This¬†¬†proprietary approach¬†provides¬†a step-by-step process¬†to identify the root cause of inner-turmoil and overcome¬†it to find peace, regardless of¬†what's happened, where you've been, what you've done, or what you've tried in the past. And, having¬†someone to show you how to apply it to all areas of your life, means you won't be¬†on this journey alone.

The Upstream Path‚ĄĘ is used in all of our one-on-one coaching, online hybrid programs, group training and workshops, ensuring our clients¬†have the best journey ahead of them.

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A Path to Peace

Break Free From Anxiety, Hurt, & Negative Thoughts

Understanding the root cause of your innermost struggles and having a step-by-step process to overcome them puts YOU in control.

Build Healthy Relationships

Understanding and regulating your own thoughts, emotions and behaviors will allow you to identify and understand them in others and interact and communicate in a way that produces deeper, healthier bonds. 

Have Internal Peace Regardless of External Circumstances

Truly having control over your state-of-mind means external factors can no longer control how you feel internally. 

You're Not Alone

Like you, these Upstream clients once struggled with things like anxiety, anger, frustration, or hopelessness, hidden behind a brave smile, outgoing personality, or external success.

Anna Orn

"The impact of this program on my life has been nothing short of remarkable! By practicing these invaluable skills, I have been able to navigate conflicts and challenging situations with a newfound sense of resilience and emotional intelligence. This has led to improved communication and a more harmonious home and work environment."

Jason Urbanczyk

‚ÄĚThis course has¬†changed my life in more ways than I thought possible. I now face adversity with open arms and I‚Äôm able to overcome by thinking in a positive, clear frame of mind. Basically, this has made me a better person. I like myself again and the more I practice these skills the better my life is getting and will get. Thank you!‚ÄĚ

Bobby Hawkins

"Troy is someone who can relate to everybody. People used to say I was unreachable. Troy reached me.

For the first time I’m seeing everything with my eyes wide open. I can see things and process them differently because I’m in the moment. And when you can take yourself out of the situation, and be in the moment, everything is different."

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"Beyond the Barriers" Project.

How effective is the Upstream Path‚ĄĘ approach in some of the most difficult situations possible?¬†I put it to the test in the Cass County Jail with men from all walks of life, many repeat offenders with a long history of violence and drug abuse.

Watch the video to hear how the Upstream Path‚ĄĘ not only transformed the men¬†in an environment that is often volatile, but changed the environment itself.

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Are We A Good Fit?

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