National Write Your Story Day

Your Story Is Important

There are stories all around us. We read stories every day of inspiration, anecdotes and perseverance. What makes those stories worth reading is not just what happened, but the emotions that surrounded what happened. As readers, we get to immerse ourselves in someone else's thoughts and emotions and let the theater of our minds play. A story will tap into our empathy and compassion. Your story is worth reading. It is worth reading because you feel something about what happened and therefore it is worth writing because, you matter.

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Our goal is to encourage you to write your story. When we write our story, it forces us to think about our thoughts and analyze our emotions and beliefs surrounding an event. This is where we begin to understand more about ourselves.


You can submit your story three ways; Confidentially (it wont be published and kept confidential) Anonymously (It will be published without a name or credits) or Published with the name and credits specified. 

Win a 6 hours of Transformative Empowerment Facilitation

One person will be selected to receive six hours of one-on-one Transformative Empowerment Facilitation. A $750 value. This empowerment training will give insight into your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behaviors and outcomes in your life and provide a process that will allow you to identify and change the things that are standing in the way of your success, happiness, or peace you might desire. It will also provide a new perspective on those around you and greater relationship management skills. 

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