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Upstream offers impactful life consulting, emotional intelligence and empowerment training, and growth services for individuals and couples who seek transformative, proven results.

We understand how difficult it can be to reach out to others when you are struggling. Not knowing what to expect and the thought of being vulnerable can be terrifying. We also understand the frustration of trying everything and nothing seems to change the way we feel. It is why Upstream exists. 

What we do is very different. We demonstrate how your brain, emotions, and communication work together to create your current situation and guide you through our "Upstream" process that puts you in control of your life, relationships, and state-of-mind; today and every day. Our clients, some of whom have exhausted many other avenues, are amazed at how quickly, and drastically, their mindsets and lives begin to improve. And, any fears they have about reaching out, are replaced with excitement and optimism.

You learn how to: 

  • Clearly see how your current thinking affects your life.

  • Control how you think and feel and behave and influence the outcomes in your life. 

  • Communicate effectively

  • Prevent others from pushing your buttons

  • Become assertive

  • Manage emotions such as anger, stress, anxiety

  • Break generational cycles and overcome trauma

  • Improve relationship in your life

  • Become more self-aware, self-disciplined and other aware

  • Increase emotional intelligence

  • Live life. Not survive it.

What People Say

"This guy saved my life in 2019. If your business and organization wants to transform the lives of your staff and culture, then hire Troy. You won't regret it."


~Dave Scott

President - Scott Digital Marketing


1:1 Personal Life Consulting & Training


We certainly understand that life isn't always easy. It can deal out some difficult situations that cause you to struggle or you may just find yourself feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, angry or anxious and not understand why. These thoughts and emotions can take over your life despite your best efforts to try to ignore them. 

Our 1:1 Personal Life Consulting guides you through our proven "Upstream" process that helps identify problem sources and learn, implement and practice the skills to reshape and take control over your mindset.

What To Expect

Identify the situation or area of life you would like to improve

Understand how your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and communication skills are contributing to the outcomes in your life. 

Learn how to control your thoughts and emotions, increase self-discipline, improve communication skills, clearly understand your behaviors and the behaviors of others.

Transform your life and relationships

Confidentiality: Unless you choose to share the information, our relationship and any discussion is strictly confidential.​


Couples Life Consulting & Training

Work, kids, family, money, friends and behaviors can put a strain on even the healthiest relationship. Trust can be lost, effective communication can break down, resentment can build and unchecked emotions can erode what was once a positive part of your life.

Our Couples Life Consulting provides a framework to clearly understand how your emotions, mindsets, and actions impact each other. Our proven "Upstream" process helps identify problem sources and learn, implement and practice the skills to restore what you thought was lost or bring you closer than you thought possible. 

What To Expect

Identify the sources of conflict 

Understand how thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions and communication impact yourself and each other.

Learn how to regulate emotions, take control of your mindset, regain trust, forgive, communicate effectively, and build a healthy, interdependent relationship.

Confidentiality: Unless you choose to share the information, our relationship and any discussion is strictly confidential.​


Recovery and Empowerment


Many non-profit organizations serve those in the community that are the product of generational trauma, addiction, and limited exposure to healthy emotional intelligence.

We will work with your organization to deliver impactful, foundational programming, customized to meet the needs of the clients you serve. Our proprietary, "Upstream" process uses a Cognitive Behavioral Training model that will guide individuals and groups through 40 concepts that will reshape mindsets, create new thinking habits, and transform lives.