Transformative Mediation

Regardless of how the parties pursue a dissolution of their marriage, two things are certain: Parents must still interact with each other as their children grow and move into adulthood. And children will be irrevocably harmed if their parents choose the historically antagonistic and painful process of redefining a family. Our Transformative Mediation process assists in achieving what might seem impossible when you walk through the doors. 


What is Transformative Mediation?

Transformative Mediation is an amicable approach to dividing finances and re-defining parental responsibilities.  It recognizes and honors the fact that divorces navigated with less toxicity and antagonism leads to healthier and happier relationships between the parents, as well as between parents and children.  


Navigating divorce involves high levels of anxiety and stress.  When tempers flare, and feelings become raw, negotiations can quickly break down. To prevent breakdowns form occurring, our Transformative Mediation process provides individuals the ability to identify and understand the source of these emotions and the tools to regulate them.  By doing so, hostilities can be neutralized and working relationships are preserved. This builds a solid foundation for the mediation process and allows individuals the ability to participate in creating sound agreements.

The process begins with a simple agreement: While the family unit will look and operate differently, the preservation of healthy, working and peaceful relationships is what is best for everyone involved.  As in any divorce, financial and custodial agreements are made through the Transformative Mediation process. But unlike the standard dissolution, our approach fully addresses the parties’ emotional state of mind and how behaviors driven by these emotions will impact the outcome for themselves and their children forever.


You are not required to hire an attorney in order to make agreements about dissolving your marriage.  Mediators and facilitators are not attorneys.  However, we have established relationships with local counsel, or you can work with your own lawyer. You can choose to have an attorney involved along the course of your mediation or have them step in following a successful mediation to file the final paperwork with the court.  

For more information on the Transformative Mediation process or to schedule an appointment with our certified mediator, contact Laura at 701-404-9261 or email her at


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