Serving communities, starting with the individual and going up through the organizational level, has been the realization of a long-time goal in my professional life.  The culmination of my dream resides here with UPSTREAM. 


As a Personal Empowerment Facilitator and Coach, I have the opportunity to reach individuals in the areas of personal life, family life, work and school life.  Meeting men, women and children where THEY are in their current situations, I have the opportunity to help individuals create personal, professional and educational outcomes that are positive and permanent. 


I began my early career in 1995 after graduating from law school in Pennsylvania and accepting a position with a large corporate law firm.  While I expected to be content, I found myself yearning for the opportunity to make a more personal impact on people's everyday lives.  I transitioned to a job serving at a liberal arts university, also in Pennsylvania, while I focused on "what next?".  However, as lives often do, mine took a detour.  Instead of focusing on my professional career, I married and had 5 beautiful children in less than 6 years, moving to North Dakota in 2005, making a career of raising my family.  After living in Fargo for 8 years, and being a stay at home mom that entire time, I found myself feeling vulnerable and alone, navigating an unpleasant divorce and facing re-entry into an unfamiliar workforce.  While the path of least resistance might have been to rely upon my law license, the same lack of fulfillment I experienced years ago crept back into my thoughts.  In 2015, I was lucky to be recruited to lead the successful legislative initiative, Marsy’s Law, to codify victim’s rights within North Dakota law. It was through this experience, as well as the challenges in my personal life, that I finally found my true passion- helping others be more fully aware of their part in, and control of, their own life outcomes. 


In pursuit of this passion, I became certified as a Personal Empowerment Facilitator through Twin Cities Rise in Minneapolis.  This scientifically based certification included in-depth study of the ability of the individual to create long-lasting change in their own lives, resulting in positive outcomes for themselves, their families and their workplaces.  The full effect of community change can and will be realized through a ripple effect:  individuals lead more intentional, emotionally intelligent and personally empowered lives, within themselves, within their families and workplaces, and finally with those that make up the larger community. 


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