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Traditionally, separation and divorce are scary, costly and often-times contentious.  At Upstream, we offer a more reasonable, tandem approach with the ultimate goal of supporting and nurturing a positive family dynamic after the papers are signed.  A certified mediation specialist will not only provide the service of negotiating the settlement agreement, but also help individuals empower themselves to most effectively manage their new roles going forward.  Through this hybrid method, you will create a more peaceful co-existence rather than the negative, corrosive situations many divorced couples find themselves in today.  


Techniques such as conflict management, effective communication for co-parenting, and positive action planning are woven into the entire process, from pre-mediation, through the period of negotiating a settlement and finally, into the post-divorce relationship. While couples determine to live separately, ultimately they still need to be able to come together to provide healthy, positive environments for their children as well as for themselves.  We can guide you individually or as a couple to define and establish a more positive post-divorce co-existence with the least amount of stress and negativity throughout the entire journey.

We do, of course, offer mediation without Transformative Empowerment for the couples who feel they have most of the details of their divorce finalized. Many of our clients begin with this approach but quickly find the value in our Transformative process.


You are not required to hire an attorney in order to make agreements about dissolving your marriage.  Mediators and facilitators are not attorneys.  However, we have established relationships with local counsel, or you can work with your own lawyer. You can choose to have an attorney involved along the course of your mediation or have them step in following a successful mediation to file the final paperwork with the court.   


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